Poetry of Empathic Psychic Medium Beth Layne

  For Love or Karma

Confess to me your undying love -
For all these years I have waited;
When will you finally speak truth?
For so long you have debated.

And what day can I plan on
To be finally free of this pain?
To hear those words, I beg you,
Before this aging mind is insane!

Is it, then, you don't feel it?
Do my own senses only deceive?
I know this with all of my being -
What is it, my love, you believe?

An entire lifetime of hiding -
The truth lying deep inside;
Ever waiting for its release -
Still, my love, you hide.

And this dance of circumstance,
How many lifetimes to end?
Speak the words! Shout aloud!
Let our hearts finally mend!

What is it you think I ask,
That sends you to this state?
Healing words that beg for mercy -
Speak before it is too late!

Before in this web we are tied,
And for karma we must return -
This lesson I wish to master now
Let not our hearts further burn. 
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